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In this new series of oils on canvas and on vellum, begun in the summer of 2005, James Gilroy continues to push beyond the figurative, detonating and reshaping form into voluptuous new configurations. These highly charged works explore and examine the very nature of carnality, seeking the point at which spirit collides and merges with flesh. The result is a kind of shattered classicism, a sensual storm of shape and volume, swelling and expanding, sometimes barely contained by the pictorial frame. You can feel the blood pulsing beneath the skin. Radiating a raw, unfiltered honesty, these paintings come straight from the heart. —Max Blagg




Dan's Papers (June 2006)

Rag and Knife

Between Light and Darkness

Before and After 9/11: Gilroy's Falling Figure

Information Paintings at Dactyl Foundation for the Arts and Humanities